Fires: Europe is pooling its resources to fight the fires

Wildfires continue to rage across Europe, leaving behind devastated communities and displacing thousands of people.

Spain and Greece were particularly affected, with fires in Megara, west of Athens, and Avila, northwest of Madrid, difficult to control due to the change in wind direction.

“We left our possessions, our houses (…) from a spark that entered the storage space, because the temperatures were very high, the windows and everything broke, and half the house was destroyed. been destroyed,” said Konstantina Yfanti, who had to flee her home in Greece.

Many European countries have experienced extreme heat, with some recording record high temperatures. In Britain, the record high temperature this week reached +40.2°C, which broke the previous record of +38.7°C set in 2019.

Heat records were also broken in parts of Portugal and Spain, France and Germany as the head wave moved west to east and further north.

This summer, the 27 countries of the European Union pooled their resources to deal with the scale of the fires.

Slovenia was the latest to benefit from the new cooperative approach, with Italian Austrian water-dropping planes joining local firefighters to help fight a blaze in the Kras region.

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