Water conservation

SoCalGas will provide water and energy saving solutions to meet carbon emissions targets by 2045

Posted on Aug 19, 2022 by Liz Carey

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SoCal Gas announced Tuesday that it will implement several measures to conserve water and energy as part of its plan to achieve net-zero carbon emissions goals by 2045.

The company said it recently completed its 22nd Xeriscaping project at a facility in Oxnard, California. Xeriscaping is a landscape style that requires little to no irrigation. It integrates utility operations by reducing its environmental footprint through biodiversity, improving air quality and reducing stress on natural resources. Additionally, the company said it used LED retrofit projects to reduce energy and maintenance costs.

“SoCalGas’ decision to embrace xeriscaping and LED lighting are just a few of many initiatives designed to promote sustainability and help reduce our environmental impact,” said Brenton Guy, Director of Support Services at SoCalGas. . “It is important that we do our part internally within our company and externally for our communities. These projects have the potential to serve as sustainable conservation solutions that will help protect and promote sustainability in Southern California.

The company said water consumption at the Oxnard facility accounts for approximately 20% of the facility’s energy consumption. Xeriscaped landscapes need little or no water beyond what nature provides, saving water and energy while reducing waste. Xeriscaping at the San Dimas Customer Call Center facility is expected to reduce the facility’s annual water consumption by 60%, or approximately 1.6 million gallons of water per year. At the Playa Del Rey facility, officials expect to save more than $5,000 per month in water and maintenance costs and reduce the company’s water consumption by approximately 3.3 %. million gallons per year.

The company has completed xeriscaping projects at 22 facilities since 2016 and there are 40 more to be xeriscaped. Five additional projects are expected to be completed over the next eight years.

The company has also implemented LED retrofit projects throughout its facilities since 2008 to reduce energy and maintenance costs. The utility has completed indoor LED lighting projects at 24 facilities with 43 remaining. Outdoor parking improvements have been completed at 48 facilities, with 14 remaining.

The Redlands facility recently completed upgrades earlier this year to retrofit over 1,100 fixtures for an estimated savings of 80,000 kWh per year.