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8th Highland Co. Farm Tour scheduled for September 17

The eighth annual Highland County Farm Tour, co-hosted by the Highland County Farm Bureau and the Highland Soil and Water Conservation District, will take place Saturday, September 17 beginning at 10 a.m. in the Berryville area.

This year, the tour will begin at Maplecrest Farms with presentations on beef production strategies, annual forage management and profitable farm diversification.

“We are partnering with the Highland County Farm Bureau to showcase agricultural farms located in Highland County and to give all attendees a hands-on overview of conservation practices and different strategies they can incorporate into their farms,” said Highland Soil and Water Conservation District Operations. Manager Pam Bushelman. “Anyone can attend, but you must register by September 12.”

Dead Broke Farm will be the second stop on the tour.

“We tried to choose different areas of the county and find a few that would mix well, so these two farms have both been involved in some of the conservation programs that we have, so they were more than willing to open up to us. their farms and the public to see what they have done to protect the county’s natural resources,” Bushelman said.

The portion of the tour organized at Dead Broke Farm will include pasture conservation practices, farm pond management solutions, a presentation on how to manage black vulture damage and a cutting horse demonstration. “Some of the practices implemented by the farm include spring development to fence off the water source to help separate watering facilities from livestock,” Bushelman said.

Dead Broke Farm owner Roni Schweiger mentioned she had calves attacked by black vultures and was looking for a solution. “It’s actually a huge problem statewide and in Highland County, and we’ve been able to team up with someone who’s going to do a demo on it to help give everyone an idea of ​​how to handle it better,” Bushelman said. .

Schweiger will also provide a cutting horse demonstration at the event. “Basically, this is where you select a cow from a herd and your horse cuts them up and herds them,” Bushelman said.

A complimentary lunch will be provided with the tour, and participants can register while visiting www.highlandswcd.comevents.html or by calling the Highland Soil and Water Conservation District at 937-393-1922, ext. 3.

“It’s usually a really good event, and you’ll always come away learning something,” Bushelman said.

Contact John Hackley at 937-402-2571.

Cows are pictured at Maplecrest Farms where the eighth annual Highland County Farm Tour will begin on Saturday September 17.

This year’s event focuses on the Berrysville area