Water conservation

Utility company recommends water conservation in the face of drought

Danbury’s West Lake Reservoir, which serves the west side of the city. The city’s water supply was at about 72% capacity on August 31, compared to 100% in April/May this year.

H John Voorhees III / Hearst Connecticut Media

Connecticut Water, a utility company that serves 60 communities statewide, is urging residents to consider or continue taking water conservation measures as the current drought drags on.

Recommended measures include mulching to prevent the soil from drying out; making sure toilets and taps are not leaking; clean sidewalks and other walkways with a broom rather than a garden hose; and watering plants before 9 a.m. and covering pools to combat evaporation losses.

Turning off the water while you brush your teeth saves 56 gallons of water per person per week, the company said. He also advises putting a stop to watering your lawn.

Even after recent storms, Connecticut Water said much of the state still hasn’t reached its average annual precipitation threshold. In addition, the company added, the rainfall may not benefit drought-affected areas as much as it does those that are not.

“(T)he hard ground created by drought conditions can cause much of the rain to run off rather than being absorbed into the water table,” the company said.

According to a map provided by Connecticut Water, about half of the state, spread across several regions, is classified as being in “severe drought.”

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