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Taiwanese teams win four medals in tug of war

Taiwanese teams on Thursday clinched four silver medals in the open club competition at the Tug-of-War Holten in the Netherlands, a warm-up event for this weekend’s world championship.

The silver medals were won by Taiwanese clubs in the mixed weight categories 580 kg, U18 male 560 kg, female 500 kg and U23 mixed 560 kg.

Cho Yao-peng, general secretary of the Taiwan Tug of War Association, said the open competition featured clubs, unlike the World Championship, which involves national teams, but still offered a preview of how this weekend might unfold.

“Generally speaking, the open competition is similar to a warm-up event before the World Championship, and it’s also an opportunity for coaches and players to make adjustments and find out what their opponents are like.” , said Cho.

Last year, a Taiwanese team won gold in the women’s 540kg category in the open competition but finished fourth in the world championship, he said.

“Coaches from various countries will observe the status of players throughout the open competition and make adjustments to the composition of the world championship,” he said.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on the formation of Taiwanese teams in recent years, while other countries have improved as they opened up earlier than Taiwan, Cho said.

“It’s a warning sign,” he said, adding that Taiwanese teams aren’t as strong in the weight classes they previously dominated, with the U18 560kg class being a prime example.

In the past, Taiwan only needed two rounds of pull in the U18 560kg weight class to win a match, but this year more than half of matches required additional rounds of pull to determine a winner, Cho said.

Taiwan’s biggest hope in the world championship is the women’s 540kg team, which did not compete in the open competition, Cho said.

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