Soil and water

5 tips for easily repotting your favorite plants

You have the pot, the plant is out of its old home, and the soil you researched and mixed yourself is ready to go. Now what? There are differing opinions on how to set up a new pot. Some claim you must need to tip all the way down to reduce the risk of root rot, while others say it’s a terrible idea (via Planet Houseplant). In reality, if you keep an eye on your plants and use a moisture meter or your finger to test the soil, your plant will be fine no matter how you set up the pot.

If you’re worried that the plant is too heavy, stones at the bottom of the pot can help weigh it down. Additionally, placing an all-natural coffee filter or used dryer sheet in the bottom of jars with drainage holes prevents soil from leaking over time, per Well + Good. Also, if you take your plants to the sink or shower to water them, it will keep your sinks and showers much cleaner.

When you’re ready to repot, add your soil, place the plant, and fill the space around the plant with soil until it’s securely locked in place (via mindbodygreen). This is also a great time to add a support pole, if you think it’s necessary for plants that like to grow on a pole or for trees that might need extra support until they have strong roots.