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Agricultural Conservation Assistance Funds Available in Culpeper

Farmland in Culpeper County continues to be eligible for conservation relief funds from the Culpeper Soil and Water Conservation District.

Grants are available for stream exclusion fencing, establishment of rotational grazing fields, development of water resources, wells, springs and stream access points, reforestation of critical areas and establishment or expansion of buffer zones along watercourses. Farms in Greene, Madison, Orange and Rappahannock counties are also eligible.

Funds are also available for the development and implementation of a nutrient management plan, cover crops and other conservation practices including stream bank stabilization and water quality filter strips. water on cultivated land.

The Commonwealth of Virginia is making huge commitments to engage growers in voluntary conservation programs ahead of federal deadlines on Chesapeake Bay restoration projects. The Soil and Water Conservation District expects a lot to change with program options and opportunities over the next few years as the Chesapeake Bay restoration deadline approaches. 2025.

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Significant enrollment in the program has occurred despite last year’s record funding levels, and additional funds continue to be available. Now is a good time to contact district staff and explore project options, the statement said. The agency expects funding for the program to remain available into next year; funding amounts beyond that are unknown.

The Conservation District encourages growers to explore the options, recently revised and significantly improved for the grower. Changes to the program include increased buffer reimbursements for watercourse exclusion projects, new buffer reimbursements for riparian buffers and grass filter strips, and increased reimbursement rates for cover.

The local agency has highly qualified staff who are well trained in the technical aspects of conservation management and program delivery. Staff help growers develop conservation plans that work for them.

Not all programs are created equal, and staff members help applicants understand the options and choose the program that’s right for their farm’s needs. Interested in exploring the benefits of conservation planning? Contact 540/825-8591.