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Food Science Graduate Students Win 10 Prizes in Arkansas Food Protection Competition

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Gayatri Dhulappanavar, Arshpreet Khattra, Kaushik Luthra, Abass Oduola, Samuel Olaoni, Faith Ouma, Evans Owusu, Erin Ramsey and Surabhi Wason combined for five first place prizes and 10 of the top 15 AAFP poster contest.

Nine U of A graduate students in food science combined to win 10 prizes in a recent poster contest sponsored by the Arkansas Association of Food Protection.

Kaushik Luthra, Abass Oduola, Faith Ouma, Evans Owusu and Surabhi Wason all won first place, while Wason won first and second place.

Luthra won the post-doctoral and technical personnel category with “the impact of storage conditions and moisture content on the growth of pathogenic fungi in rice”.

Oduola won the Pet Food Safety category with “Impacts of Different Intensities of Infrared Heat on Growth and Aflatoxin Production of Aspergillus flavus in Corn”.

Ouma won the Interventions, Pre- and Post-harvest division with “Deterrence of Microbes on Raw Rice Using High-Powered Short-Duration Microwave Heating Technology”.

Owusu won top honors in the Other and Miscellaneous category with “Microwave Cooking Rice in Steam Wrappers: An Assessment of Quality Attributes”.

Wason won the Food Safety section, including Fundamental Understanding of Pathogens with “Effect of Gentle Heating and Relative Humidity on the Antimicrobial Efficacy of Chlorine Dioxide Gas”.

Wason also finished second in the area of ​​interventions, pre- and post-harvest with “Radio frequency pasteurization of dried basil leaves using steam in packaging”, while Gayatri Dhulappanavar finished third with “Persistence of Salmonella Javiana, Listeria spp. in hydroponic nutrient solution at different temperatures.”

In the Food Safety category, including fundamental understanding of pathogens, Erin Ramsey finished second with “Survival of Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli on In-Shell Pecans Contaminated with Soil” and Arshpreet Khattra third with “Use of Monte Carlo Simulation to Calculate Kill Ratio in milk powders.”

Samuel Olaoni finished second in the Other and Miscellaneous category with “X-ray Imaging as a Technique for Assessing Rice Seed Germination and Vigor”.

Luthra, Oduola, Olaoni, Owusu and Ouma are all advised by Griffiths Atungulu, associate professor and agricultural engineer and director of the U of A’s rice processing program.

Khattra and Ramsey are advised by Jennifer Acuff, assistant professor of microbiology and food safety.

Wason is advised by Jeyam Subbiah, professor and head of the Department of Food Science, and Dhulappanavar by Kristen Gibson, associate professor of food safety and microbiology.

Atungulu, Subbiah, Acuff, and Gibson are all faculty members of the Department of Food Science, as well as researchers and scientists at the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station, the research arm of the U of A System Division of Agriculture .

The 2022 AAFP Annual Conference was held in September in Fayetteville.

The International Food Protection Association advances food safety worldwide by providing a forum for food safety professionals to exchange information on protecting the food supply.

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